Alone in its class:
The Gruyère AOC 1655, the authentic taste of heritage
The 1655 derives its unique flavour from a traditional recipe handed down from Gruyère, its land of origin: raw milk, from cows fed only on grass, no added preservatives, all  transformed by the painstaking skills of the  cheesemaker.
This magic formula produces an exceptional cheese, with a natural fruity taste, more or less fully flavoured according to its territorial provenance.

Le Gruyère AOP owes its unique flavour to the traditional recipe passed on since 1655 from its region of origin, "La Gruyère". It is made with unpasteurised milk from cows fed exclusively on grass and natura fodder, with no added preservatives and all infused with the meticulous skills of the cheese affineur.
This alchemy gives rise to exceptional cheese, known all over the world. Its taste is naturally fruity, with more or less vigorous notes depending on its ripening process.

A Fondue "moitié-moitié" (half-half) to enchant the senses!
It is exclusively composed of top-quality cheese. Half will enable you to taste the strong charactr of Gruyère AOP, while the other half will blow you away with the creaminess of Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP.
Only Gruyère AOP and Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP from the heart of the wheel will be the quality, which melts in your Caquelon (clay saucepan).

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Finest Alpine Specialities -
traditional production at over 1400 meters above sea level

The probably smallest Alpine Nut Cake in the world weighs 19 grams, has a diameter of just 4 centimeters and combines an uncomprimising selection of the best natural ingredients.

Finest mountain honey from local production gives the filling of the Alpine Nut Cake its distinctive aromatic taste.
The intense and nutty flavour is provided by high quality control tests.
For the butter short-crusty pastry, exclusively the finest Swiss mountain butter is used - a true gourmet experience with authentic flavours.

For more informations about the smallest Nut Cake & the varieties of La Conditoria - SEDRUN SWITZERLAND visit their website.

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Parenthood can be testing, but it can be oh so rewarding too. Why not spend it smiling, both you and baby? Hey Baby! Teething Biscuits are a perfect, tasty treat for baby to relieve those aching gums and to till a hungry tummy. So why not try our yummy, light and convenient snacks. They are easy to hold, easy to pack, easy to eat and easy to digest.

GMO Free – Gluten Free – Oven Baked – No Mess

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The Vertical Coffee Roasters love to share their enthusiasm for outstanding coffee and take your tastebuds on a mouthwatering adventure.

Their roasting style highlights the exceptional work done at origin and shows off the coffee's unique flavours.

Enough said - let's fuel up and go out to play!

Meet the Vertical Coffee Roasters on instagram @vertical_coffee and #coffeewithaltitude
or on their website

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Brochure Dates Assortment

Brochure Dates Assortment

Brochure Premium Dates

Brochure Premium Dates

Premium Dates from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is home to the finest dates on earth.
With an estimated 25 million palm trees, approximately
400 date varieties and over 1 million tons being produced annually, the country is the world's second largest date producer and it's largest consumer market per capita.

Three main date cultivar groups exist: soft, semi-dry and dry.
Dates are supplied in a multitude of forms ranging from fresh and unaltered fruit through to processed paste and confectionery products. The versatility of the fruit plays a large role in its global popularity.

Together with our partner it's always possible to personalize according your wishes one of our existing or a completely new product.

Contact us and we'll be pleased to give you individual advice.